Suspicions on the phone dozens of times by Im Woo-jae and Jang Ja-yeon..."Call if necessary"

Suspicions have been raised that the late actor Jang Ja-yeon had made more than 30 phone calls to former Samsung Electro-Mechanics advisor Lim Woo-jae before his death, and that Justice Minister Park Sang-ki could summon Lim. The committee's plan to extend its activities is also drawing keen attention.

This is Kang Hyun-suk.


The late Jang Ja-yeon passed away in 2009 after disclosing that she had been forced to pay sex by influential figures.

The prosecution's committee on past history has found out about 35 phone conversations with former Samsung Electro-Mechanics advisor Lim Woo-jae in a year before Jang's death.

The name of the mobile phone is Lee Bu-jin, wife of Lim, president of Hotel Shilla, but the name stored on the phone is known to be Im Woo-jae.

However, neither police nor prosecutors summoned Lim at that time.

Justice Minister Park Sang-ki said in a parliamentary audit today that if necessary, he can summon Lim for questioning.

[Lee Choon-seok/The Minjoo Party of Korea]: Are you planning to call in Lim Woo-jae?]

[Park Sang-ki/The Attorney General]: I think we can call him if we need to.]

[Lee Chun-seok/The Minjoo Party of Korea: I think the prosecutor covering up this information should have proper disciplinary measures and judicial action.

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